Who's Who in the Arts? Michael Lanni

You would be hard pressed to try to define junior Michael Lanni as your average college student. The Pittsford, N.Y. native has created a name for himself that transcends more than just a few departments on campus.

Lanni described himself as a tie-dyed lab coat, a perfect allegorical reference since he is a biochemistry major with a strong passion for the arts and performing. He is a volunteer firefighter, a lifeguard during the summer, a trainer at Merritt Athletic Center and a member of Geneseo First Response.

During his freshman year, Lanni was cast alongside other freshmen in “Rumors” and “As You Like It.” He said that performing in these plays marked perhaps one of the best experiences of his college career because of all the people he met in the process.

Today, Lanni said that though he gets rather busy, he still manages to find time for the arts. A member of Southside Boys, the male a cappella group, and No Laugh Track Required, an improv troupe which he co-leads, Lanni said he would like to do more if it were humanly possible.

“Balance is key – if I didn’t have the intellectual challenge at the [Integrated Science Center] my brain would rot out, if I didn’t have Brodie I would go insane,” Lanni said. He said that he enjoys balancing the intrinsic world of the artist with the quantitative one of the scientist.

After graduating, Lanni hopes to go on to medical school and continue fulfilling his love of the arts there, perhaps through an a cappella group or community theater.