Senior class special election announcement

This past weekend, the Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee received complaints from a number of seniors regarding the Fall 2010 special elections for the Class of 2011 officers. Because of an unforeseen error, seniors who might have voted in the elections on Oct. 20 - 21 received the e-mail reminder to vote on Friday Oct. 22, the day after voting ended.

"It is the responsibility of the USAEC to make sure all student elections are fair and balanced, and it is the USAEC's responsibility to advertise such events," wrote USAEC chair Tyler Ocon in a letter to The Lamron. "Due to circumstances outside of USAEC's control, the senior class was unaware of the special election for their class office until it was too late," Ocon wrote. "The USAEC finds this unacceptable and this issue will be resolved in an expeditious manner."

As a result of this error, Ocon has invalidated the first senior class special election and decided that a second special election will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 3 and Thursday, Nov. 4.

"The USAEC will be advertising this second election extensively to the senior class, and I will personally make sure all listserv messages regarding the election are distributed to the class of 2011 in a timely manner in order to avoid a repeat of this error," Ocon wrote.