Gallery Review: Carol Nickol's "Parabolic Path"

The work of Carol Nickol, class of '93, is being showcased in the Kinetic Gallery of the College Union in the exhibit "Parabolic Path," a stunning collection of predominantly metal mixed media pieces.

It is clear that Nickol is strongly influenced by nature in both subject matter and technique; she even describes the metalsmithing process of reticulation as being "like a geological event."

Nickol's work spans an enormous range of materials and methods from raising vessels from sheet metal to weaving baskets adorned with beads. In her artist statement, she writes that she prefers to work in metal, and that when a different medium better suits her needs, she finds a way to incorporate metal to the finished product. "Most recently, I have added clay as a sculptural medium. What was I thinking? Clay is everything that metal isn't - intriguingly forgiving, flexible, and fast," she wrote. The time she saves with "faster" media is dedicated to experimenting with new techniques.

Both Nickol and junior Anait Tamanian, Kinetic Gallery director, expressed their excitement about the opening reception, which had a splendid turnout of enthusiastic, knowledgeable students.

"I think this exhibit called out to a lot of people," Tamanian said. The display is certainly intriguing, featuring dim lights and luminous pieces lighting the gallery from the center and an eerie playlist assembled by senior Joe Dellaria.