Smith: UGGs are the bane of the fashionista's world

Autumn is slowly creeping up on us with its brisk morning winds, significant drops in temperature and the transformation of our dear summer leaves from a healthy green to the familiar oranges, yellows and browns. Getting out of bed is a monumental task, and the walk from the bathroom after showering is even worse.

But who can complain? Fall is a beautiful season, especially at Geneseo. This change in season, however, brings with it an ever-so-familiar fashion trend that unfortunately gets stronger each year. At least a month has come and gone and this 8-year-old style has returned again: UGG boots. They're everywhere on campus. Not surprisingly, you can find them all over dining halls and academic buildings, but they're also a big hit at Geneseo's nightlife and are commonly seen at athletic events and on girls partying at fraternity houses.

UGGs come in all different colors from black to lime green, but the most common shade is chestnut; chestnut boots in particular bear an uncanny similarity to a dog's bed wrapped around someone's ankles. All different lengths are available - if you don't want a boot that effectively covers your legs, you can buy the "Women's Classic Mini," but most go for the "Classic Short," about eight inches high, not to mention made with real sheepskin. When hand in hand with a pair of oversized college sweatpants and a hoodie, UGG boots have the ability to make any girl look like a sloppy mess.

Sure, they might be the most comfortable things that your feet have ever felt, but in this case, comfort certainly does not overpower fashion. Are your feet that sore and cold that they need to be encompassed in two-inch thick sheepskin all day? This is Geneseo, not the tundra. UGG boots are a staple to closets all across America, and I find myself thinking: Why? How is it that a pair of shoes so unattractive has become such a success in a world where people tend to worry about appearances more than anything? It's a mind-boggling question, and the world may never know the answer.

Now I realize that some people find UGGs to be absolutely adorable and own a different pair in every color and length. If this describes you, then kudos, don't give up on this fad. Just remember that you will look back in 10 years and wonder what you were thinking. That is, if this Australian company doesn't have control over the world by then.