Gallery Review: Gordon Miller in retrospect

A former Geneseo printmaking professor is being honored in the Lockhart Gallery on Main Street in the show "A Retrospective of the Art of Gordon Miller."

Miller lived from 1927 - 2007 and began teaching at Geneseo in 1961. According to former student David Peterson, he was incredibly knowledgeable and in command of his craft, a truly inspirational person with a subtle sense of humor.

"He was, without a question, the kindest man I knew at Geneseo, and I think everyone would agree with that," Peterson said. "He was instrumental in my career, in [my] going on to become a professor." Miller was awarded the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1975.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the exhibition is that such wide-ranging styles have come out of one artist. Always experimenting, Miller never developed a signature style. He remained adventurous and curious about his process.

"Miller's love for nature is evident in the many landscape-based works. An outstanding abstract artist, he was a master of form, content and composition," wrote Gallery Director Cynthia Hawkins in the show's description.