A note on Knights' Life

A student recently asked me what exactly the Knights' Life section is all about - what makes it different from Arts & Entertainment? Well, I'm glad I was asked. I think I feel a song coming on. Actually … I don't - thank your lucky stars for that.

Instead, I will say that Knights' Life is a great section to write for because it predominantly involves people. While there is some overlap with Arts & Entertainment, our focus is on the opposite end of the "noun" definition. They cover things, we cover people, and at the intersection are places.

While I love the Arts & Entertainment section and tip my hat to its esteemed editor and contributors, I know that personally, I like Knights' Life. The section's draw is the element of one-on-one discussion, the excitement of sitting down with strangers who I know have stories. I have the license to ask them about their lives without seeming nosy or going through the usual layer of "how's college?" "Oh it's fine, you know, busy busy, taking classes, writing articles. How are you? Oh that's good."

Writing for this section has given me a chance to meet fascinating people and learn about how they became fascinating. Last winter, I spoke with a monk for almost two hours about what he was thinking. I had a discussion with a man of many years about the time he spent in a Turkish prison, and another with a woman who was a riveter in World War II - that's right, like Rosie. I've talked to some of the international students among us, all of whom were delightful and happy to share their stories. These are the trials and triumphs I've recorded not only for you, fair public, but also for myself.

I have reaped a great deal of rewards beyond the encounters themselves. The subjects of my column, Diaries Through the Decades (yes this is a plug, thank you) are all at least 50 years my senior, and the passing decades have made their perspectives more relevant, not less. Similarly, the international students I've interviewed have given me a greater appreciation for the opportunities that await if you're willing to work hard and follow your heart.

If you would rather hear about material benefits of writing for the section over this fluffy pontificating, I will say that my work with Knights' Life has made my resumé far more impressive than a single class ever could. From what I hear, grad schools and employers want well-rounded students with relevant experience, and media communication provides relevant experience for many professions.

So here it is: Write for us, now that you know what we're about. If I were singing, I would keep smiling until the frame faded. As it is, I'll just write my article about the haunted house. See what you think, and remember - you could be doing this too.