Restaurant Review: Your quest for good food ends at Questa Lasagna

If you're in the mood for quality Italian food and a friendly and intimate setting, look no further than Questa Lasagna on Main Street in Mount Morris.

Questa Lasagna, nestled among quaint antique shops and mom-and-pop stores, offers up a succinct menu of Italian-style favorites. As its name suggests, the restaurant presents different kinds of lasagna including beef, vegetable and seafood variations. If you aren't keen on pasta, the restaurant also offers a variety of salads and panini sandwiches. The recently expanded menu boasts garlic bread with or without cheese, a shrimp scampi dish and classic spaghetti and meatballs.

Questa Lasagna's menu also offers desserts including Italian staples like cannoli and biscotti. It also has a few options less frequently seen including chocolate lasagna. Near the counter is a large glass display of cookies and pastries that are sure to arouse a sweet tooth in almost anyone.

Beyond the food itself, the dining experience at Questa Lasagna is truly unique, maintaining the feel of your favorite hometown Italian restaurant. The restaurant is small, offering only a handful of tables; if you crane your neck a little bit, you can see the cooks working hard in the kitchen to create your dishes.

On its menu, Questa Lasagna proudly identifies all of its dishes as freshly made - the store does not even have a freezer or microwave. The staff bakes fresh bread and pasta every morning. Another unique aspect of Questa Lasagna is that the restaurant offers a lunch and dinner portion of every meal. The lunch portion, which is about three-quarters the size of a dinner portion at a reduced price, is offered at any time of day. So if you're in the mood for a seafood lasagna but don't think you can finish the whole entrée, you're able to opt for a slightly smaller dish.

The prices are enticing as well. Questa Lasagna has affordable meals; most dishes are priced at $15 or less, which is perfect for a night away from campus with some friends or a quaint dinner for two. It's also a great place to take family members if they're visiting for the weekend. A family of four can easily dine for under $50. Questa Lasagna provides a welcome change from some of the standard offerings of Main Street or Applebee's on Route 20A.

A surprising yet welcome aspect of Questa Lasagna is that many Geneseo students are members of the wait staff. It is truly a testament to the quality of a business to see that students will travel away from the comfort of the campus radius to work. It does make sense, however, that this restaurant would attract Geneseo students, since the atmosphere hearkens back to the school itself - the setting is as intimate and welcoming as our campus community.

If you're looking for a break from campus food and the same old Geneseo stand-bys, Questa Lasagna is your best bet. The fresh tasty food, affordable prices and friendly service are a surefire recipe for an enjoyable dining experience.