Album Review: Brandon Flowers' solo debut a success

Album ReviewFlamingo★★★★★

Any fan of The Killers knows that lead singer Brandon Flowers is the heart and soul of the band. His unique voice gives the band's music a captivating sound and his mysterious persona coupled with his flamboyant, theatrical on-stage performances has won over the adoration of countless fans.

After three studio albums with The Killers, Flowers released his first solo album Flamingo on Sept. 14. This does not mean that The Killers have broken up; the band is just taking some time away from the rigorous schedule of performing and composing new work.

Brandon Flowers said in an interview with CNN, "A couple of guys in The Killers want a long break, and I don't blame them. But I don't know what I would do for a year and a half without performing or without singing."

The singer has definitely created a quality album with Flamingo. The style of music can best be described as soulful, sincere indie rock 'n' roll. The album pays homage to Flowers' hometown with the opener track "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas," setting a serene mood for the rest of the album. The song reveals the underlying beauty of the Nevada city through wonderfully sung lyrics and strong yet calming instrumental backing.

The album definitely relies heavily on Flowers' vocals, but that is by no means a downfall; it is its greatest feature.

"Playing with Fire" confirms the vocal versatility that Flowers is capable of; he employs a falsetto second to none. "On the Floor" showcases how Flowers' voice can hold the spotlight without relying on much instrumental accompaniment.

Flamingo also contains a few songs that have solid beats and catchy refrains that make the listener want to tap his foot and sing along. "Only the Young" has a drumbeat that just begs your body to move and a chant-like refrain that can be picked up with little effort.

With a faster pace, "Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts" is more of a dance song that has a very catchy melody; the lively chords accompanying the vocals are reminiscent of some of The Killers' hit songs.

"Crossfire," the hit single from the album, encompasses all that Flowers can offer. The spellbinding melody, vocal variety, enchanting lyrics and hook-loaded chorus combine to create a true gem.

If you are looking for the powerful instrumental melodies of The Killers, this album may slightly disappoint. The collection of tracks provides a toned-down version of The Killers' signature energy, but what the music lacks in power, it makes up for in melodic finesse.

Listening to the album is a tranquilizing experience that can lift anyone's spirits - every ounce of each song is filled with passion. It appears that Flowers can do no wrong.


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