Five Original Boredom Busters

Bubble Shower - If you find yourself alone with nothing to do, a bubble shower can be a great experience. For this activity you will need a bath-shower combination, one bottle of bubble bath mix and some music. You may also need a sense of adventure. A bubble shower is created by pouring an entire bottle of bubble bath mix into the tub and then turning the shower head on at an intensity and angle that closely resembles gentle rain. At this point you should play some relaxing music in the background such as Enya or Andrea Bocelli. Then, lay down while the water falls from above and the tub fills from beneath with bubble filled water. A bubble shower can be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life.

Foretelling the Future with Facebook - What good could come from technologically illiterate 40- or 50-somethings joining Facebook? It may appear that these older generations are encroaching on our territory and making the site boring. This is not the case; older generations are in fact supplying us with great material for hours of entertainment, uploaded photos from decades past. What is needed for this activity is a Facebook account with access to an older user's photos, a group of friends and free time. Begin by clicking through the old photos. Start a discussion where everyone gives their opinion about how each person in the photograph looks and also gives their opinion on what they think the person looks like now. For example, I might look at a photo and say that the woman looks very beautiful, but think she probably lost all of her looks within five years and began eating at McDonalds every day. After discussion and potentially some bet placements, click on the tags to reveal the current Facebook page and profile picture of the person in question. There is sure to be some "oohs," "ahhs," gasps and laughs. The activity may seem mean, but you could be doing much worse.

Cash Cab: Geneseo - If you are bored and want to do something semi-productive, then Cash Cab: Geneseo is for you. You will need a car and a ballsy friend looking for a date. One person is the driver, and the other sits in the back seat. Drive around Geneseo until the back-seater spots a potential date. The driver pulls next to the hottie and the back seat contestant rolls down the window and gains the attention of the pedestrian. The back-seater must say, "Excuse me, can you help me with a question? I'm on a TV game show called 'Cash Cab.'" After the hottie agrees, the driver needs to ask a question to the two. The hottie provides an answer and then the driver, regardless of the answer, says that it is correct. The back-seater must say, "Thanks. You really helped. Can I get your number in case I need you for the 'mobile shout out?'" It's so ridiculous, and clever, that it might work.

The Text Race of Worth - If you and a friend are very bored, then this game is for you. All you need is two people, each armed with a cell phone. The object of the game is to receive a text message faster than your friend. Each person looks through their contacts and chooses the person that he or she believes will quickly respond to a text message. One rule is that the person chosen from the contacts cannot be someone you have spoken to that day. The two participants must agree on a phrase to send, and each person must type the exact same phrase into their message to be sent. Examples include, "Hey" or, "What are you up to?" Bets can then be placed on the outcome. The cell phones are then laid on a table side by side and "SEND" is pressed simultaneously on each phone. The first person to receive a response from that message is the winner. This game can be a great way to boost your self-esteem, or do the exact opposite. Choose your contacts wisely!

Listen for Lyrics - This activity will be fun whilst requiring some critical thinking. All you need is a good ear, some lyrical knowledge and an outgoing attitude. The object of this activity is to make a link between someone's everyday speech and the lyrics of a song. When you are in normal conversation with someone, listen to what they are saying and constantly compare their phrases and words with your knowledge of music lyrics. When they say something that matches a song lyric, you interject and continue the song by singing the rest of the lyrics. An example of this occurred when I was walking with a friend back from a party. He was talking about how he probably should not have gone out that night because he had a lot to do the next day. He said, "I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have to wake up in the morning …" At which point I interjected and sang, "'Feeling like P. Diddy. Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city.' Ke$ha!" It took a while to find the perfect setup, but when it happened it was worth it. The interjections must be timely and performed only when a worthy lyric is spoken. Otherwise you may come off as annoying instead of clever.