Restaurant Review: University Hots satisfies students with collegiate college plates

Though University Hots is new to Main Street, it will surely become a staple with its hearty and delicious foods that stand above those found elsewhere in Geneseo.

The new restaurant offers a selection of fresh-grilled items including hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, pork and steak that can be eaten either as sandwiches or as "college plates." The latter mimics garbage plates, which are indigenous to the Rochester region and are quite famous in this area. Though most of the menu items are meat-centric, garden salads and veggie burgers are also offered.

The restaurant has a no-nonsense atmosphere. There are only a few booths and posters geared toward students adorn the walls. Additionally, junior Nicholas Pesce contributed a stunning portrait of Sturges Hall, which is so lifelike that it actually resembles a photograph.

The prices fit a college student's budget. Hot dogs cost $2.25, basic hamburgers are $3.50, a chicken sandwich with mushroom, onions, bacon and swiss goes for $5.75 and a double bacon cheeseburger is $6.75. Those prices include tax, and campus cash, VISA and Mastercard are all accepted.

During my visit the server ecommended that I try the "graduate" cheeseburger college plate, which is comprised of two cheeseburger patties laid atop a bed of macaroni and cheese and home fries adorned with ketchup, mustard, onions and Texas hot sauce. It was as unhealthy-looking and as tasty as it sounds.

What impressed me most about the food at University Hots was how real everything tasted - the meat, the potatoes, the cheese; everything was packed with flavor down to the last morsel. The college plates can be mixed according to one's personal palette; any and every type of meat can be used. Customers can ask for french fries or baked beans in place of macaroni and home fries.

Though the college plate contains enough food to make a 20-year-old man check himself into the hospital for a Caesarean section, the mass of food is served in a plastic foam container that can be taken home and picked apart later if one is not feeling particularly ravenous at mealtime.

University Hots is ready to fulfill late night munchies as well. The eatery opens at 11 a.m. every day and remains open until 1 a.m. Monday and Tuesday, 3 a.m. Wednesday to Saturday and 10 p.m. Sundays. The full menu is available at