Letter to the Editor

I enjoy reading The Lamron each week. The staff does a terrific job. However, I must point out a serious error of fact in the staff editorial in the Sept. 16 edition.

The editorial encouraged students to vote in Geneseo, rather than in their hometowns, via the absentee ballot process. The writer states that absentee ballots "are not counted except in case of a tie." This is not correct. I have confirmed with an official at the Livingston County Board of Elections that ALL absentee ballots are opened and counted, regardless of election outcome.

Students may vote in Geneseo, but they should consider voting in their hometowns, where they are most likely to be familiar with the candidates and the local issues. The absentee ballot process is fairly simple. Students with questions about the absentee ballot voting process or any election questions may call the Livingston County Board of Elections at (585) 243-7090. The board's skilled and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions regarding voting.

David J. Dwyer '73