Five Original Boredom Busters

The Text Race of Worth - If you and a friend are very bored, then this game is for you. All you need is two people, each armed with a cell phone. The object of the game is to receive a text message faster than your friend. Each person looks through their contacts and chooses the person that he or she believes will quickly respond to a text message. One rule is that the person chosen from the contacts cannot be someone you have spoken to that day. The two participants must agree on a phrase to send, and each person must type the exact same phrase into their message to be sent. Examples include, "Hey" or, "What are you up to?" Bets can then be placed on the outcome. The cell phones are then laid on a table side by side and "SEND" is pressed simultaneously on each phone. The first person to receive a response from that message is the winner. This game can be a great way to boost your self-esteem, or do the exact opposite. Choose your contacts wisely!

Listen for Lyrics - This activity will be fun whilst requiring some critical thinking. All you need is a good ear, some lyrical knowledge and an outgoing attitude. The object of this activity is to make a link between someone's everyday speech and the lyrics of a song. When you are in normal conversation with someone, listen to what they are saying and constantly compare their phrases and words with your knowledge of music lyrics. When they say something that matches a song lyric, you interject and continue the song by singing the rest of the lyrics. An example of this occurred when I was walking with a friend back from a party. He was talking about how he probably should not have gone out that night because he had a lot to do the next day. He said, "I have a lot to do tomorrow. I have to wake up in the morning …" At which point I interjected and sang, "'Feeling like P. Diddy. Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city.' Ke$ha!" It took a while to find the perfect setup, but when it happened it was worth it. The interjections must be timely and performed only when a worthy lyric is spoken. Otherwise you may come off as annoying instead of clever.