Staff Editorial: Think critically, vote carefully

We make a big deal about voting here in Geneseo. Anyone who lives off campus has gotten a voter registration card in their mailbox and "Think Globally, Vote Locally" will be haranguing you soon to register if you haven't already.

The Lamron would like to encourage you to vote as well. But along with voting comes responsibility; too often we hear stories about people voting based upon race or religion, or toeing the party line. Instead, voters must be informed. Most of you know that, which is why many people are hesitant to vote in Geneseo. "I don't know much of anything about local politics," they say. "Why should I be allowed to vote here?"

Perhaps this is a valid reason to consider voting in your hometown or not at all, but what's important in those cases is that each individual eligible to cast his or her vote is aware and conscious of the decision not to vote.

But for those looking for an answer to the question of why you should vote in Geneseo, you live here for four years and are subject to the laws and ordinances of the town. What happens politically matters to you and to future students whose interests need to be considered. Besides, students form one of the strongest voting blocks in Livingston County, thanks in large part to the efforts of campus organizations.

If you decide that this is reason enough for you to vote in local elections, the problem then becomes finding a way to become informed. Well, The Lamron is here to help you. In the run up to elections, we'll be featuring news on local politics and decisions that will be made on Nov. 5, decisions that will have a direct impact on your life as long as you're here. Really, we're eliminating your excuses for being uninformed voters.

There is one major reason to vote locally: Absentee ballots, which many students opt for - allowing you to vote in your hometown - are not actually counted except in case of a tie. Ties don't happen very often, in case you haven't noticed. So, if you really want your vote to count (and you're a responsible citizen, so you do) you're going to either need to go home or vote locally.

In sum: Get informed! If you decide to register to vote, represent yourself in your new - or not so new - home, and exercise your sovereign right to cast your ballot and have your wishes known. We're all represented in this republic; make sure you represent yourself. Hopefully, The Lamron can help you out.