Letter to the Editor

The rock quarry on Route 5 in Caledonia, N.Y. was once known as a safe place to swim and play on hot days. It even came equipped with a rope swing. Unfortunately, those days are over.

On Monday, Aug. 30, 13 Geneseo students and four Caledonia natives were arrested for trespassing at the quarry.

In the past, recreational use of this man-made lake never seemed to be an issue, but constant use has led to landowner complaints, and the police are cracking down.

However inviting the quarry might be, it is private property and not a suitable hangout. Take our advice and avoid the chance of embarrassment, heavy fines and possible jail time. It's simply not worth the risk.

Noah Kanter '11, Evelyn Cilly '12, Katie Peterson '12, Bridget Hardiman '12, Donna Schultz '12, Hayley Fuchs '13, Delia O'Donnell '12