Geneseo Greek coordinator named to regional position

The Northeast Greek Leadership Association has named Wendi Kinney, coordinator of Greek affairs and off-campus living at Geneseo, its third executive director.

NGLA is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers "dedicated to providing leadership education to students in sororities and fraternities," Kinney said. "I'm very honored to have been appointed."

Kinney said that she looks forward to working with the 11 "extremely experienced and talented" professionals on the board of directors "to advance common goals."

"All the volunteers are very passionate about the sorority and fraternity movement. It's energizing and a lot of fun to work with like-minded individuals," Kinney said.

According to Kinney, NGLA hosts an annual conference in Hartford each February. Since tight budgets may preclude some schools from sending their students, Kinney hopes to develop ways to bring programs directly to campuses in her new role.

Kinney, who has served on the NGLA board of directors for six years, said that her service on the board has helped her to be "a better sorority and fraternity advisor at Geneseo," noting that she has been able to invite professionals she met while serving with the board to speak at Geneseo.

Kinney said she will retain her current full-time duties as coordinator of Greek affairs at Geneseo. She said the greatest challenge she expects to face is "fitting this new role and these new responsibilities" into her other commitments.

Kinney received her master's degree in higher education administration from the University at Buffalo and her bachelor's degree from SUNY Fredonia.

Prior to joining the Geneseo community in 2001, Kinney served as the associate director of finance for Sigma Kappa sorority. Kinney has also volunteered for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, the SUNY Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Association and Sigma Kappa sorority.