New talent finds its place in School of the Arts

Brodie Hall's vibrant array of classrooms, practice rooms, studios, offices and theaters play host to the dramas of everyday life and offer so much more.

As the semester kicks into gear and auditions get underway, there is a sense of talent that ricochets through the halls and animates the building that houses almost every artistic endeavor on campus.

Upon entering the great rectangle of the art wing, a wandering Geneseo student is greeted by forests of posters for auditions, ensembles, rentals and performances; this student is then welcomed by a table with stacks of old books on sacred choral music, opera and famous conductors and a marble statue of Krishna that watches over the first floor of Brodie's intertwining maze of musical wings.

As junior Laura Scheibly puts it, "[Brodie] is a labyrinth of previews. When you hear the people singing and the pianos going, you're hearing something that will, at some point, be performed."

Brodie's winding corridors eventually bring to you to the rows of numbered empty seats of the Alice Austin or Robert E. Sinclair theaters as they await each semester's plentiful productions.

This semester, a number of performances will join the multitude of opening nights already seen on Brodie's stages including: GENseng's production of "Strictly Dandia," the freshman and transfer student showcase, Tina Howe's comedy "Museum," the VegSOUP festival, Charles Dickens' "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and many, many more. If you'd rather get in on the action than sit back and watch, it's not too late to join Cothurnus, Geneseo's theater club that meets on Friday afternoons in the Brodie Commons.

In case singing is more your style, you'll be able to find a cappella groups throughout Brodie in spades. Exit 8, Southside Boys, Hips n' Harmony, Between the Lines and Meet the Folkers each specialize in a different genre and style of performance.

Many Geneseo students have found ways to express themselves through physical rhythm and movement in the dance studios of Brodie Hall. There are numerous auditions for dance ensembles and workshops like choreographer Bill Evans' tap piece "Yes, Indeed!" and guest artist Kylee Pike's "Jazz Work."

Just a few more of the performing and artistic groups that call Brodie home include the Musical Theater Club; Alpha Psi Omega, the theater honor society; the String Band, which is still in search of musicians; the Wind Ensemble; the Symphony Orchestra and the Spectrum, Chamber Singers and Festival choirs.

According to senior Michelle Geisler, president of Alpha Psi Omega, "We expect lots of great new talent and hope for a big turnout. It was a really strong showcase last year, and we hope for the same this year."

Auditions are already proving that Geneseo's undeniably talented crop of students are taking to the stage or studio en masse. Do not regret having missed your opportunity to get involved in the artistic magic that goes on in Brodie Hall; it's not too late to audition or to just join in!