Greek Corner: Be open-minded toward rush

Rush can be a very confusing time at Geneseo, and students considering entry into the Greek community are faced with a variety of questions; particularly, what exactly is rush?

I remember my first reaction to seeing older students in foreign letters sitting at tables outside Mary Jemison or Letchworth dining halls and Milne Library, hoping to get students to sign up for rush. I recall thinking that they seemed more like military recruiters than my classmates or friends.

That was back in the fall of 2007, but I'm sure many underclassmen are having the same experience today. While I did end up joining a fraternity my freshman year, my initial encounter with rush was not the reason.

For those interested in joining a Greek organization, or those just interested in finding out what rush is, I'll explain some important things everyone should know.

Everything about the rush process in non-binding. Students today are reluctant to give out their information, and with good reason. By signing up for rush, a student becomes eligible to attend rush events and information sessions; it is not an affidavit that you are interested in joining Greek life.

After signing up for rush, a student is not obliged to do anything at all. Without signing up for rush, however, students are unable to attend events or potentially join the Greek community. Rush is a great opportunity to meet new people, eat some free food and learn about Geneseo's largest student community.