English professor pens new book

English professor Eugene Stelzig recently published a book examining the life of writer Henry Crabb Robinson and the time Robinson spent in Germany.

The book, Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Life Writing, studies Robinson's published letters, diaries and some manuscript material produced during his five years in Germany. According to Stelzig, the book aims to recognize Robinson as an important 19th century autobiographer whose writings deserve the esteem of scholars and students.

Stelzig initially began his research with the intention of writing a scholarly article on the author. "It got to be too long for an article and it just wasn't publishable," he said. "I realized I would have to turn it into a short book."

Stelzig said that he worked on the book on and off for several years, taking advantage of vacations to dedicate time to writing. He finished the book while on sabbatical this year and Bucknell University Press published it in June.

"It combines several different areas of interest - British and German Romanticism and also my interest in autobiographical studies or 'life writing,'" he said.

Stelzig added that he was also interested in the idea of focusing on a lesser-known author. "I'd never worked on a minor author; I'd always worked on major authors," he said. "It was exciting to work on somebody on which not much writing has been done."

In addition to Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany, Stelzig has published books on William Wordsworth, Hermann Hesse, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Other published works bearing Stelzig's name include poetry, translations of German poems, several autobiographical essays and nearly 40 scholarly articles.

The professor is currently working on a book of poems inspired by walks through the woods. "It's a collection of poetry provisionally called "Traces," as in 'traces of having been alive,'" he said. He said that he is unsure of whether or not he will publish the work.