Drag Ball a romp fit for royalty

Boys, girls and everyone in between cheered when vivacious drag ball hostess DeeDee Dubois took the stage Saturday night, her pink wig shimmering in the glare of the KnightSpot disco ball.

She made it clear early on that, well, most boundaries were going to be left at the door. "If you wanna tip and shove it in [the performer's] a--, shove it in their a--," she suggested, warning that lubricant could be necessary in her own case. Over the next two hours, students in attendance took full advantage of the occasion - shirts and wigs hit the floor as professionals and amateurs alike entertained, thrilled and seduced.

Let it be clear, though, that raunchy or not, each performer brought excitement, hilarity and a gender-transcending good time to all who came out to see them.

Student performers Regina - it doesn't rhyme with Christina - and Mike Crotch kicked off the night with a performance of "Evacuate the Dance Floor." Other student performers included Haywood Jablowme, Trent Leznor & Poison Oak, Bush Administration, Tess Tickle and Andy Rogyny.

Professionals from Rochester-area night clubs made the night even more exciting; Windz, a king, showed off genuine dance talent while lip-syncing tunes like "Empire State of Mind," Samantha Vega performed a show-stopping rendition of "Telephone" complete with the choreography used by Lady Gaga herself in the epic music video, and queens Kyla Minx and Aneal Pleasures rounded out the experienced and effervescent entourage.

When the audience wasn't dancing, they were certainly laughing. "[RuPaul's Drag Race] doesn't want freaky drag queens," Dubois said, explaining his decision not to try out for the show, which featured Rochester performer Pandora Boxx this year. "They want drag queens that look like girls. I look like a man with a pink wig on."

Student performer Beardie Davis was unendingly hilarious in a skit which made explicit reference to her healthily textured yet flat chest. "I am proud to come from a long line of very hairy women," she mused. "I suspect that most of the men I've been involved with are latent homosexuals." Before leaving the stage, she offered some insightful advice about administering oral sex: "It's not about talent … it's about hunger."

Though Dubois closed the show with P!nk 's "Bad Influence," the drag ball, hosted by Pride Alliance with funding from Activities Commission and Student Association, was anything but, providing an exhilarating evening not often found in Geneseo.