Dean McKeever encourages registration feedback

Associate Dean of the College Kerry McKeever is encouraging students to take a feedback survey regarding registration experiences and preferences. It is the first college-wide effort to gauge student feedback in a systematic manner.

"It's really important for us to document what we think is happening," McKeever said. In the past, the Office of the Dean has received only anecdotal feedback from students and faculty, and therefore has been unable to conclusively determine the extent of students' issues. The office does, however, have the ability to track how many times students attempt to register for any given class, a number that in some cases can exceed 100.

The survey includes a variety of demographic questions, which McKeever said will "contextualize the comments and results." She emphasized that participating in the survey is a way for students to have a say in matters that affect them. Seniors are also encouraged to respond because they will have four years worth of registration experiences to reflect on.

"We are acknowledging the importance of students' voices [through this survey]," McKeever said. As of Wednesday, 411 students had responded to the survey; McKeever hopes to receive upwards of 1,000 responses by mid-June when she will close it.

Students can access the survey through a link at