In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it, feminist influence in marketing is nonexistent.

While I haven't conducted any scientific experiments, polled any sampling of the American population or asked more than about five people, I've seen commercials and ads lately that have proven the above statement.

The market in question is the hyper-masculine beer market. One may say that it is expected for alcohol advertisements to be aimed towards men, but recent commercials have thrown all common decency out the window. They feature large-chested women wearing tight jumpsuits, giving ordinary-looking men lap dances. Some of these commercials even end with said women holding the beer bottled and bumping their curvy butts together (Requiem for a Dream, anyone?).

While real life situations like these may happen with the help of some beer, I would like to think that as a society we've progressed from the sexist, male-dominated world that produced "Baywatch" and "The Tyra Banks Show."

Nary is there a beer commercial that doesn't employ the use of the average-Joe-gets-vixen plot device. They don't advertise the immediate effects of beer at all - no one is bloated or emptying their bladders every 20 minutes (in a bathroom or otherwise). There are no bar fights, no "freshman 15" time lapse videos.

Beer marketers need to re-evaluate their advertising techniques and take a note from the liquor companies. Take Svedka, for example. They advertise their vodka as the No. 1 vodka of 2033. In the commercial, futuristic, attractive looking men and women dance robot-like in a disco scene. Sounds like a sweet time to me … Yeah, it ends with an extremely sexualized rendering of a female robot with breasts and a butt, but the rest of it was good!