Invasion of Privacy: Michael Roff's potential shines as bright as his smile

To say that Mike Roff, sophomore English literature major, has a big personality would be an understatement.

Around campus, Roff is known for his larger-than-life smile and his reverberating baritone voice. There is, however, more to him than these impressive features. He showed off his sensitive side almost immediately, as he chose to conduct this interview upstairs in the MacVittie College Union, near a small, flowing water fountain.

"I love sitting here, it's one of the most serene places on campus," he said. It was noon and the traffic in the Union was high, but Roff was still able to appreciate the quaint serenity of the fountain.

As a Writers' House resident and the Inter-Residence Council representative of hall council, Roff has made a name for himself through his involvement with some very successful events around campus. He was a very instrumental force in planning and running "Perspective Engines," a recent event that showcased students' and professors' creativity through many different mediums.

"I'm involved with so many different groups on campus, so it was easy to get the word out," Roff said of the event. He is also an active member of the volunteer organization Alpha Phi Omega, secretary of the Geneseo Swing Dance Club and a member of the Geneseo Healthguards.

Roff said he became involved with the Healthguards because he takes his health very seriously. He even took up a biology minor with a concentration in nutrition, which is one of his major concerns. "It's hard to find things to eat on campus," he said, stressing his preference toward vegetarian foods, although he said he still enjoys eating meat.

Roff said he likes to keep active by working out in the gym often and staying limber with yoga. When asked how much weight he can lift, he gives a rough - and extremely impressive - estimate, but said, "I don't like to lift the max amount usually, I don't need to show off my masculinity like that."

By competing in a nutrition-writing contest, Roff has found a way to marry his interests in both English and nutrition. He said he likes to keep his writing skills fresh by fully enjoying the benefits that living in Writers' House has to offer. He holds weekly writing workshops and thrives from bouncing ideas off of the other residents in the hall.

Roff has certainly been able to get the most out of his 19 years thus far. While growing up in the easy suburban town of Huntington Station on Long Island, he and his family have traveled extensively. At one point they took a six-week cross-country road trip with a trailer attached to the back of their car.

"We baked cookies on the hood of a car in Death Valley and bathed in the Arizona Hot Springs," he reminisced.

The way he talks about them, it seems like Roff and his family have a very close bond. He has an identical twin brother, Alex, who attends Susquehanna University as music major. Alex shares the same low voice and joyful smile as his brother.

Roff is impressively able to stay very involved on campus and still remain true to himself and down to earth. Geneseo is sure to see some exciting things from him in his remaining years here.

Class: INTD 105 - Octavian's Parables

with Professor Beth McCoy

Game: JENGA!

Season: Summer

Preferred footwear: None