Follett offers textbook rental program

This fall, Follett Bookstore will offer a new option for students seeking textbooks: Renting.

Currently, students purchasing a book at full price and reselling it at the end of the semester can hope to get back no more than 60 percent of the original price, and even that figure only applies if the particular book is picked up for use in the following semester.

The rate of renting books is 50 percent that of buying new books, a major discount up front and a guarantee of savings.

The program was piloted at seven schools last semester and, according to Follett, students saved nearly $2 million. A Follett press release on the topic states that 90 percent of participating students expressed satisfaction with the program.

The program allows for some wear and tear; notes and highlighting are fine. Students also have the option to purchase a rented book during the semester should they change their mind.

Faculty can request any book to become available for rent if they commit to using that edition for at least four semesters. There is also a database of books, which can be rented regardless of whether professors are using it.

Follett store manager Bruce Michalowski said the process is very straightforward - students can rent their books in the store or online. "We want the process to be as quick as possible," he said.

Rebecca Stewart, marketing coordinator of CAS, said she is optimistic about the program's future, noting that students are "guaranteed savings" with this option.

"I feel like it would take out a lot of the hassle of selling the book back," said sophomore Lauren Healy.

"I think it's a good idea, but I don't think I'll use it," said sophomore Hannah Wagner. "I prefer to own my books."

Books will be available for rent online beginning July 15 at More information on the rental program can be accessed at