Staff Editorial: Don't complain, come write for us instead

The Lamron recently released a survey asking for constructive feedback from its readership. The results were, in a word, interesting: There was good commentary, useful information and all sorts of comments, both praising and derisive.

One particular type of comment that stood out was the type that asked, or rather, demanded, that The Lamron incorporate more conservative views into its content, particularly in the Opinion section.

This came as something of a shock to the editorial board; we don't deny that the majority of our staff of editors and writers is liberal, or at least left-leaning, but the allegations that we don't run conservative viewpoints are utterly unfounded.

The problem, unfortunately, is that there aren't many conservative writers on staff. This is to be expected: Geneseo is a pretty liberal place. Of course, there are some conservative people here, probably many. And their views should be heard.

It isn't the responsibility of our writers to change their views or alter their convictions in order to provide a balanced newspaper. It isn't the responsibility of the staff to print some articles and withhold others in order to meet a quota of partisanship. It is, however, the responsibility of this publication to print the news, provide a platform for opinions and let the campus know what's happening. We cannot do that without writers and, unfortunately, writers are what there is never enough of.

This, then, is a plea to the campus community: We want to hear from you. If you have something to say, anything to say, please say it. Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, communist or capitalist, The Lamron wants to hear from you. We won't print your opinions anonymously; if you have something to say, put your name on it. We won't, by the same token, hold back from printing any argument, as long as it isn't vulgar, incoherent or in the poorest of taste.

The Lamron accepts articles from any student willing to write. All voices are valid, but they have to say something to be heard.