2010 Student Association election results

The ballots have been tallied and the official results are in: The Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee has announced the results of campus-wide elections for Student Association Executive Board and class officer positions.

"Everyone that won is well qualified," said senior Brian Hartle, outgoing director of academic affairs.

"All of the candidates would have done well," said outgoing Vice President, junior Nicholas Kaasik. "They all have budget advocacy in mind and I hope they can keep expanding on that critical issue."

Approximately 650 students voted in the elections, which Kaasik said is a disappointing figure. "It indicates a need for reform in the election process," he said. "We need to look at how we run elections … and make it easier for people to run."

Junior Mathé Katsumchom, outgoing SA director of public relations said the USAEC guidelines "need to be looked at and made less stringent."

Despite the mediocre turnout, sophomore USAEC Chair Thomas Buneo said that participation almost tripled past elections, which got as few as 200 voters. "USAEC is moving in the right direction, and campus is moving in the right direction in terms of involvement," he said.

This year, elections were advertised on the SA Web site as well as the main Geneseo site. Buneo said much of the publicity depends upon the efforts of the candidates themselves.

"[The elected candidates] all have deep experience with SA policy and I think we're going to see it being revamped next year," Buneo added.

Kaasik said this is a "transformative period for Geneseo."

"I think they each bring something different to the table," Buneo said. "It's going to be interesting to see how they interact."