Video Game Review: Catch the new Pokémon games

Whether it's five-year-olds, college students or adults, people everywhere are pre-ordering Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver to ensure they will have a copy this coming Sunday.

Although this game has been criticized as being just a remake of the GameBoy Color Pokémon Gold and Silver, there are noted differences between the two series.

Firstly, the graphics - though still not remarkable as they are games for a handheld system - are greatly improved from the GameBoy Color versions of the game. Also, the added use of the touch-screen allows for applications much like in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. What's more is there are also more Pokémon, as is usual with every new Pokémon game as of late. Although it's easy to reminisce about the time when there were only the original 151, more Pokémon allow the player to craft a more specific team and permit interesting battles.

The most significant addition to these new Pokémon games, however, is the pedometer that comes with every game. This allows for the player to train and level up his or her Pokémon while walking (in real-life). This shortens the amount of time a player has to level grind to get their Pokémon, and therefore, makes the game far more enjoyable.

So, if a seasoned Pokémon player has ever felt their enthusiasm fizzle out after encountering the 50th Bidoof while strengthening their Pokémon for the first gym battle, HeartGold and SoulSilver are the answer.