In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it, spring has sprung.

Or, for a less clichéd observation, warm weather has finally arrived in Geneseo and people across campus are screaming about how much they LOVE IT!

Frisbees seem to have metastasized over the course of a few hours, Birkenstocks have been fished out from the backs of closets and Dave Matthews' vocal chords are belting far and wide. It's barely 50 degrees outside and every plot of soupy grass has been taken over by barefoot wannabe neo-hippies.

Everyone loves when the weather gets warmer and the burden of ice and snow melts away along with our memories of the first few topics of humanities (Antigone is who again?). Even me, a pale-skinned indoor girl, can appreciate the smell of the new approaching season because it means I get to wear my super cool sunglasses. I'm not about to set up a volleyball net on 'Daga Field and blast my new Jack Johnson album out my window, though.

Call me a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy, but I don't see the big deal about this week. There's still schoolwork to be done before spring break - not to mention the work that's due after - there's still a visible amount of snow on the ground, which means the grass is still muddy, and the weather still drops to 30 degrees at night. That does not sound like any reason for pre-emptive celebration to me.

I would for once like to appreciate the feeling of warm air and the tawny hue of a sunny day without worrying about getting conked in the head by a flying plastic dinner plate haphazardly thrown by a giggling girl, or an acoustic guitar carried by the Bro who kinda/sorta knows how to play.

There's plenty of time for Spring Fever to infect college kids everywhere, and now is certainly not the time.