The Lamron weighs in on the Academy Awards

In an era of Hollywood glam, Quentin Tarantino slows down for Inglourious Basterds.With sterling writing and cinematography, each scene offers a brooding build-up that explodes in violence and snarky one-liners.It's been said that Basterds is a tribute to film itself. The genre couldn't have asked for a better homage and the audience couldn't have gotten a more beautifully scripted, directed and shot picture.-Aaron Davis, Opinion Editor

Stanley Tucci completely transforms into the pedophile/serial killer George Harvey in The Lovely Bones.Tucci shines among the other cast members regardless of the dark aura surrounding his character. In the role of Harvey, Tucci seamlessly bounces back and forth between the obsessive-compulsive serial killer and the mild-mannered neighbor.Despite initial reluctance to accept a role as a man who rapes and kills a 14-year-old, Tucci's channels the mindset of a murderer alone, which merits him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.-Megan Paolone, Copy Editor