Greek organizations sanctioned for alcohol use

Three Greek organizations have been accused of involving alcohol in pledging activities, which is prohibited under both the policies of the Inter-Greek Council and the college.

According to Dean of Students Leonard Sancilio, the three organizations each face different consequences. Sorority Alpha Omega Pi (AOPi), accused of including alcohol in rush events, is working with the IGC to set up alcohol education programs.

Sorority Alpha Kappa Phi (AGO) was placed under temporary suspension for "underage drinking on bid night," Sancilio said. That suspension has since been lifted, and the sorority is now sanctioning itself, a process that Sancilio said gives the group "the opportunity to accept responsibility and propose its own sanctions to address issues." Sancilio said he was "very impressed by the steps [AGO] has taken to rectify what happened and to improve in the future." He continued, "They have done that soul searching and they have done an outstanding job."

Fraternity Phi Kappa Chi (Phi Kap) had its pledging activities suspended and is scheduled to appear before the College Conduct Board where judicial action will be decided. The fraternity was not offered the option to self-sanction. According to Sancilio, Phi Kap was cited for "underground pledging" and for the intoxication of a student during the pledge period.

A number of Greek organizations have taken measures internally to ensure compliance with alcohol-related laws in response to heavy pressure over the past year from both the college and Livingston County District Attorney Tom Moran.