Mindless Entertainment: Point your interest, cursor to PointlessSites.com

This sentence took nearly two hours to write, and, though it's painful to confess to it, the reason for this delay isn't writers' block, inept typing skills or even a recently botched connection in my left parietal lobe: it's PointlessSites.com.

Really, the name says it all.

PointlessSites.com happens to be one of the most massive collections of useless Web sites ever compiled. Honestly, the only possible method available to create something this asinine must have been done by dredging up link after link from the internet's darkest user-friendly cesspools. Yet, thanks to the sheer amount and absurdity of the Web sites featured, PointlessSites.com is a uniquely addictive experience.

Sure, with a site this large, visitors are bound to find that quantity sometimes exceeds quality, but what's life without a little adventure? Just clicking through the 10 or so categories, from Games and Puzzles to the Completely Pointless (even by their standards), is a quest epic enough to entice even King Arthur over to the cause.

There will be some duds along the way - AnnoyingCursor.com, for example, should be avoided unless someone desperately wants to do battle with a pointer, and ObeytheKitten.com should only be accessed by people who want that image to forever haunt their nightmares. Still, the occasional unfortunate find aside, exploring PointlessSites.com is satisfying and well worth the effort once the user finally stumbles upon that one hidden treasure so deliciously entertaining it makes Farmville a thing of the past.

For those who still aren't convinced that a site called PointlessSites.com has merit, rest assured that not every link is a big bust like, say, BlankSite.com (just guess what that's about). Between first-person Tetris for the gamers, Book-A-Minute for the literature nerds and Color Flip for the people who like nicely hued paper, just to name a smattering, there's enough variety to make certain that everyone can find a time-waster suitable for him.

Truthfully, despite its namesake, PointlessSites.com is not, in fact, pointless; it's fun, and if people don't mind melting their brain with the silliness of it all, it's a perfect new page for any procrastinator's portfolio.