In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it, RuPaul's "Drag Race" is now in its second season. Airing on the Logo channel, "Drag Race" features a slew of drag queens who compete to be the "next big one". The show is essentially a mix between "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway," but it has a little something extra (just like the contestants).

RuPaul, arguably America's most prominent drag queen, hosts the show as both a man and a woman, making the contestants jump through hoops to find their inner queen. Some of this season's challenges include a dramatic photo shoot with two hunky men, and a country-style commercial shoot.

The crux of the show's appeal comes down to the catwalk, which the contestants have to do each week, dressed in outfits they've made themselves. This is no Calvin Klein fashion we're talking about -- the contestants bring a whole new meaning to glitter, sequins, and drama.

Most of the contestants do their best model-esque walk, popping their faux-hips and pursing their heavily made-up lips. But some of them, like the recently eliminated, voluptuous Mystique, tried impressing the judges with their impressive (albeit frightening) split.

Now you may wonder who would possibly be able to sit on a judges panel and rate these over-the-top drag queens on their "performance" each week. In addition to RuPaul, we have Santino Rice, former "Project Runway" contestant and Merle, former contestant on Bravo's most recent reality show, "Launch My Line."

Each week we're accompanied by two guest judges, who are apparently as equally qualified to judge queens as the regular judges. For example, we've had Dita Von Teese, burlesque extraordinaire, and comedienne Kathy Griffin so far this season.

Perhaps this show isn't for everyone. Not everyone could handle keeping track of all the contestants in their ever-changing looks and personalities. However, when we get contestants with names such as JuJuBee, Jessica Wild, and Pandora Boxx, it's hard not to be intrigued right off the bat.