Up & Coming Establishments: Byrne Dairy

Byrne Dairy, a Syracuse-based convenience store, intends to open a Geneseo location at 39 and 41 East South St. across from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The company began in the 1930s, delivering milk by wagon in central New York. Since then, it has expanded both its line and production to include premium ice cream, butter, cheese and yogurt. Today, the company even makes its own bottles.

Byrne Dairy has been working to open a convenience store in Geneseo for about six months. Progress was slow to start as plans were complicated by a zoning code prohibiting any "fuel-dispensing equipment" within 300 feet of a public entrance, in this case, a church.

The zoning has since been approved, however, as the distance between the church and proposed lot just barely clears at 318 feet. The building itself, once a Sunoco, has been cleared and is being demolished in order to make way for the new 4,000 square-foot store.

Whether or not the store would be able to sell alcohol was another point of contention due to the church's proximity, but according to the NYS Alcohol & Beverage Control Board, alcohol may indeed be sold for consumption off the premises.

According to its Web site, Byrne Dairy takes pride in the quality of its products and advertises baked goods fresh from the oven and dairy from local farms. The company ensures that its dairy comes from untreated cows.

Typical locations offer fresh dairy products including ice cream, baked goods, pizza, subs and gasoline.

Applications for employment are now available at byrnedairy.com.