The GameVine: Welcome Back to Rapture

BioShock 2Available for: XBOX 360, PS3, PC

The first journey to Rapture left many gamers wanting more and on Feb. 9, 2K Games opens up a bathysphere for fans everywhere with Bioshock 2.

Although there was fear that the second installment of this dystopian adventure would just be more of the same, there are plenty of new elements to the game to quell such worries.

First of all, the player now steps into the diving boots of Subject Delta, the first Big Daddy ever created. A Little Sister tells Delta that they have been asleep for some time and that Eleanor is waiting for them. There are still Little Sisters in Rapture, the little girls that have transformed into collectors of genetic material known as ADAM. This ADAM is used to make plasmids - injections that mutate the subject's genes and give them abilities such as a fistful of lightning or summoning a swarm of insects to distract an enemy.

As Delta, the player can choose to keep a Little Sister with them so they'll harvest ADAM out of fallen splicers (ADAM junkies) around while Delta fends off the crazed inhabitants of Rapture that try to attack her while she collects. With the ability to use plasmids and weapons at the same time rather than separately, along with the thrilling new weapons - like Rosie's rivet gun and the hydraulic drill - being a Big Daddy will surely be an empowering experience.

Just when Delta feels that there is no longer a threat in Rapture to fear, they'll hear the horrifying scream of the Big Sister. She's strong, powerful and wants to stop them in their quest to find Eleanor. These Big Sisters act as the "army" of Sophia Lamb, the new altruistic leader of Rapture, protecting the best interests of Rapture as far as Lamb is concerned.

There's also the added aspect of a multiplayer mode where players work together to get the Little Sister, fighting in Rapture in a year before the civil war.

This game will not disappoint any gamer, from the Bioshock fanatic to the Rapture newcomer. This role-playing game/shooter hybrid will allow players to explore new sections of Rapture, deal with a new, power-hungry leader of an opposite ideology of Andrew Ryan and fight a new foe in a diving suit: the Big Sisters.