School of Education awards program

The Ella Cline Shear School of Education recently launched an awards program that will recognize graduates of Geneseo who have contributed meaningfully within the field of education.

The first annual presentation of the Geneseo Distinguished Educators Award will take place at the Geneseo reunion celebration over the summer.

Nominees for the award must be a Geneseo alumna or alumnus who works or has worked as a teacher, guidance counselor, school psychiatrist, librarian or staff member of a school. Nominees did not have to receive their education certification from Geneseo, but must positively impact the daily lives of students in an education setting.

The Geneseo Distinguished Educator Award Nomination application is already being sent out to all K-12 schools in New York State. Each school's administration may nominate up to two candidates who will be chosen by a panel of education professionals and faculty from Geneseo. The panel will choose three nominees to receive the award.

Every nominee will be honored at an exclusive ceremony at the college on July 10 during the college's annual reunion celebration. "A nomination is really an award within itself," said Tracy Peterson, assistant dean of the School of Education. The award recipients will be announced at the ceremony.

"This year we are trying to make the reunion special for educators," Peterson said. "I think it is important for people who work in education to be recognized for their contributions. If you think about the number of alumni who are working in these fields and you consider the number of lives they have touched, the ripple effect is phenomenal."