Humanities I to be offered in NYC

For the first time in its history, Geneseo will offer a summer section of Humanities I to take place in June in New York City.

The program intends to provide students with an experience akin to studying abroad at a more affordable price. Ronald Herzman, English professor and co-director of the Edgar Fellows program, helped initiate the opportunity and said he is passionate about what it will entail for participants.

"It's kind of odd that nobody had thought of this before," he said. "This program will give us the opportunity to explore New York City intensively. New York City is a great place to have an adventure."

Students who live in the metropolitan New York City area will be able to commute from home if they choose; others will have the opportunity to live in the dormitories of Manhattan College, a residential campus which connects to the city by train.

Herzman graduated from Manhattan College and said he is friends with the current dean of the college. "It is the perfect suburban campus, located right near Manhattan," he said.

The program will provide students with the traditional elements of a classroom-based Humanities course but will add the ability to go on trips throughout the city.

"New York is every bit as much of a cosmopolitan center as the other cities students can visit abroad," said Herzman, citing destinations like the Cloisters, the Museum of Biblical Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "When I lived in New York City I took advantage of all it has to offer. This is a great opportunity to do that."

Herzman will teach the program along with his wife, Ellen, an adjunct lecturer in the English department. He reported that so far, interest from students has been very strong and that it is very likely participation will be high enough to make the program a reality this summer. "For people who might be nervous to go abroad, this might be a good option," he said.

"It's a great opportunity because it is in between taking the class on campus and going abroad," said Becky Lewis, assistant provost for international programs. "This new program is taught by a phenomenal professor in a city that offers amazing resources to complement the course."

Registration will be organized by the Study Abroad Office.