The Game Vine: Shoot from the Heels

Bayonetta4.5 out of 5Available for Xbox 360, PS3

With two pairs of handguns - one for her hands and one attached to her high heels - the title character of Bayonetta traverses the world of "Purgatorio," killing angels that are trying to drag her back into "Inferno."

Bayonetta is an ancient Umbran witch, awakened after 500 years of sleep to fulfill a mysterious destiny and fight against the Lumen Sages. It may seem like the classic light versus dark storyline, but don't be fooled, this game is not meant to make any kind of sense.

In fact, as the game progresses, it makes less logical sense. As enemies transform from bird-angel-people to a flying baby face with two dragons on either side, the player discovers that Bayonetta's leather outfit is actually made out of her hair, the source of her power.

There are new weapons to unlock, which is pretty normal. However, the player can only obtain them if they bring a bartender angelic vinyl records so he can play them for demons that fight him in Inferno. After his fight, the bartender will bring back some weapon made from a metal alloy only available in Inferno.

Although the storyline may seem as if it were badly translated from Japanese (which is very likely), the gameplay is where Bayonetta really shines. The hack-and-slash combat is unparalleled in the complexity of combos and special moves to use. With the addition of "Witch Time" (yes, that's really what it's called) the player can dodge attacks at the last second and make all the enemies around them move in slow motion for a period of time.

The story may be outrageous, but the cut-scenes can either be watched for a good laugh or skipped to get onto the amazing gameplay combat and the inescapably catchy theme song. Either way, this game is undeniably addicting and ridiculously fun to play.