Invasion of Privacy: Jubilant, vivacious ARD Ray FeDora keeps Geneseo smiling

"You're one of the few people who has my laugh recorded," senior Ray FeDora said.

Yet, for this personable and vivacious sociology major and math minor, it is doubtful that many people have not encountered his hearty chortle and charming personality.

Friendships are the essence of FeDora. "I value nothing more than just sitting down with a friend or two and just chatting," he said. His relatable personality has been a crucial staple for the strides he has made during his time here in Geneseo.

As a resident assistant for two years and currently the assistant resident director of Putnam Hall, FeDora cited his experience with Residence Life as one of the best experiences he has had, which he is thankful for because it encompasses a large portion of his time. "I just really like helping people and working with other people," he said. "Being an RA and ARD has allowed me to do that."

FeDora also noted an unexpected part of his job is his residents helping him with his issues. "They helped me grow just as much as I've tried to help them grow," he confessed. "I've really, really enjoyed that aspect of the job."

Prospective students and their families have also had the pleasure of interacting with this smiling face, as FeDora has worked as a tour guide for the past three years. This is an especially rewarding experience for FeDora; he said he enjoys showing prospective students what he loves about Geneseo so they can come to love the college just as much as he does.

This past summer, FeDora worked for the Office of Admissions and had an experience where a family in Sturges Quad stopped him during an orientation session, and the student told him he was the reason that he came to Geneseo. "It's nice to know I have that impact on someone," FeDora said.

San Diego, Calif. is FeDora's next stop in travel, as he will traverse there in January to partake in a National Board of Directors' Conference on behalf of Inter-Residence Council. FeDora said he was the National Residence Hall Honorary president last year and currently serves as the associate director of NRHH for the Northeast region, a fun position that requires him to attend many enjoyable conferences.

Every Sunday for two hours, ResLife sponsors volleyball in Kuhl gym, a time in FeDora's weekend that he treasures and inevitably looks forward to. "Just playing and having fun and not worrying about anything else - that's probably one of the biggest things I do that's a big stress reliever for me," he said.

FeDora noted his sociology professor and advisor, Anne Eisenberg, to be a major inspiration in his life and a great help throughout his years here. "I really love her," he said. FeDora commented that Eisenberg genuinely cares about her students, wants them to learn and gives them all the tools to succeed. "I've learned a lot from her and I really value that," he said.

With the looming threat of the real world on the horizon, FeDora is applying to graduate programs in hopes of working as a college administrator.

Currently on the forefront of FeDora's mind is valuing his friendships for all they're worth before he has to leave Geneseo. "I'll miss those daily interactions with people that you take for granted now, but come May 16, 2010, they won't be there anymore," he said.

It's hard to pinpoint what FeDora will miss most after leaving Geneseo. This jovial character loves absolutely everything about Geneseo because it is unlike any other place he has been. "With the students and the town, everyone is so friendly, open and excited to be here and I'm going to miss that," he said. "The past three and a half years here have been the best three and a half years of my life."