Williams: Consumerism runs rampant

Make your boobs jealous with the shoe proven to tone your butt more than other sneakers." Welcome back, consumer-obsessed holiday time, you have been missed. The gem of this season is unquestionably Reebok's line of EasyTone sneakers, bringing you "better legs and a better butt with each step."

According to the Reebok Web site, the company's new "balance ball inspired technology" is supposed to work out the wearer's buttocks 28 percent more than normal sneakers, and exercise the hamstrings and calves 11 percent more than the typical shoe.

If you have yet to raise an eyebrow, shame on you. Putting on shoes to strengthen your legs is just as productive as putting on yoga pants to make you more flexible - not at all.Also, 11 percent? Any student living on Southside will be quick to say that that statistic is a joke after frantically leaving their room at 8:53 a.m. for a lecture at 9 a.m.

That kind of burn three times a week adds up to way more than that 11 percent, trust me.Speaking of feeling the burn, remember when that was the socially acceptable and medically recommended way to get in shape and be healthy?

Physical fitness is one of those pesky little aspects of life that actually requires effort, and anyone who believes otherwise is gullible and anyone who says otherwise is lying.Even more disturbing than trading in actual work for dumb consumerism is the way this product is advertised.

Have you ever seen a super steamy Victoria's Secret commercial with your parents in the room? Super awkward, right? Then avoid the TV this winter, because the entire ad consists of two shots: straight up, in your face, talking boobs and a bent-over butt.

The alternative is a woman in spankies, but instead of the camera focusing on her face, it follows her rear end while she plugs for the shoes. The Reebok Web site's homepage? A completely naked woman with Reebok shoes covering her unmentionables.

Victoria's Secret has an excuse: it's lingerie. Reebok is selling a shoe. The commercials obviously appeal to men, but the product is for women. I have an issue with any female who is content with her body becoming a blatant billboard for the viewing pleasure of any guy walking behind her on the street.

If you are willing to sacrifice self-respect and make it clear to everyone that you have absolutely no self-confidence, go ahead and support Reebok.