In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it, eating establishments on campus now sell a variety of fruity beverages to keep you going through the long winter months.

Of course they've always sold juices, but now they sell Naked juice - a brand of organic beverages that contain fresh, stripped down, tasty, sensual … varieties of fruit. For the trendy fruit connoisseur, there's the ever-popular pomegranate in the Red Machine variety. For the vegetarian health-nut, there's wheat grass in the Green Machine. If you long for the taste of the tropics, try the Mango variety. The possibilities are simply endless.

If you're not into shelling out $3 and something cents for one of those fine fruit drinks, fear not! There's a fancy drink for you yet. Get yourself an Izze sparkling juice. Offered in three different fruity flavors, you can't go wrong with this tiny can of class. Who knew that someone would actually think to make a blackberry or Clementine soda?

I'm not sure what prompted the nice people at CAS to supply us with these fancy treats, but I'm sure not complaining. They're a great way to spend all my extra meal plan money, and it makes me think I'm doing something good for my body (because really, what college student gets their daily recommended dose of fruits and vegetables?).

Students of Geneseo, do not be intimidated by these juices if you think they're "too expensive" or "too fancy" for you. This is just another way the school is preparing us for the real world.

Obviously, in the real world, adults impress other people with their acquisition of fancy beverages. So, hop on the delicious bandwagon and pick yourself up one of these delicious drinks- it'll do wonders for your body and your reputation.