Incidental Amusements

Nicotine and I are good friends. Have been since freshman year; there's something about that tingly feeling in the fingertips that comes from a cigar late at night when you're writing a paper. Admittedly, this isn't usually good for the discriminating typist, but that's what the backspace button was invented for. Incidentally, how much did typewriters suck? But I digress.Anyway, in their ongoing pursuit of luring the soul of the American consumer to sin and vice, the Chinese have invented the newest in smoking, or should I say, vaping, technology: the e-cigarette.It's basically a vape, but for nicotine instead of THC (though I'm sure pot-heads can find a way around that without a problem). It's tiny, portable; in fact, it looks like a cigarette. It can be recharged in an hour, good to go, and produces a steamy vapor of water and nicotine. And holy bejeezus is it awesome. Say you're a smoker. You're a relatively hated person, mister smoker. You smell like smoke, you give people cancer and - for some reason this is the part that other people hate most- you're giving yourself cancer. Plus, it's getting cold out (Geneseo winter is coming, after all).Enter the odorless, carcinogen-free, completely-usable-inside e-cigarette! Sit at your desk and puff away. Hell, sit in the library, nursing a coffee like a good little angsty English major, and puff away there. You'll get some looks and probably some CAS employee will come talk to you, followed by another CAS employee and a third CAS employee, because frankly I don't think they talk to each other. Then you'll get some more looks. Eventually, you'll have to go outside anyway.But while you're there, puffing away on your steaming little e-cig, remember something very, very important: you look like an idiot. But at least you aren't giving yourself cancer.