CIT encourages use of Virtual Lab

Computing and Information Technology is encouraging students to utilize the Virtual Lab, a resource provided by CIT that students have seldom used or even been aware of in the past.

The program was implemented over a year and a half ago by the Provost Technology Advisory Committee and was funded using the Student Technology Fee.

Students may use their personal computer to access any and all software the campus subscribes to through Virtual Lab as long as they have an Internet connection. Accessible programs include SPSS, which is a grouping of statistical analysis programs, the computing software Mathematica and the numerical computing program Mathlab.

The Virtual Lab has 60 "lab seats," so as many as 60 students can access the lab at once.

Sue Chichester, chief information officer and director of CIT, said that CIT is willing to increase the number of seats if usage increases. Three computers are supporting the 60 seats at this point in time.

Although many popular programs are designed for Windows operating systems, Virtual Lab includes adaptability for Mac and Linux systems. The program also gives students the option to connect to various printers around campus.

Students can access the Virtual Lab at