Orchesis astounds in popular concert

Weeks of hard work and regular practices finally paid off as the popular Orchesis dance group performed an array of fun and complicated pieces at their concert on Nov. 1.

Hundreds of members in Orchesis, the largest student organization on campus, spun, leapt, sparkled and kicked across the stage of Wadsworth Auditorium in hip-hop, tap, ballet and modern styles.

"It was a great show," said freshman Mike Miechowski. "You never got bored because there were so many different kinds of dances."

The show opened with "Black and White," an advanced upbeat number in which the dancers leapt and twirled across the stage in shimmering green and purple outfits.

"My favorite number was 'Find a New Way to Dance,'" said sophomore Alyson Kaufman. "It was an awesome techno number and it brought a new and unique feel to the show. It was a great way to break up the really advanced lyrical dances."

"It was a lot of hard work and long practices, but it really paid off," said sophomore Callie Eidler, choreographer for a modern routine, "How It Ends." "I am so proud of my dancers."

Performances such as "Long Night," choreographed by senior Whitney Forbes, were impressively complex and required the full focus of viewers. Other dances such as "I Will Survive," choreographed by sophomore Megan Argetsinger, also took a lot of skill but were more amusing to watch.

Despite the audience's obvious joy and amusement, the dancers seemed to be having a great time.

"I love how Orchesis is so diverse," said sophomore dancer Megan Keane. "It gives dancers of all forms and all skill levels a chance to perform and have fun. I'm a hip-hop dancer by nature but Orchesis lets me perform in modern and lyrical dances too. It's a great time."

Another Orchesis member, freshman Betty Rathbone, agreed. "Orchesis is such a great time," she said. "I love all my girls!"

From hip-hop numbers like "Move, Shake, Drop," choreographed by junior Megan Stetzel, to more interpretive numbers like "Sleeping Lessons," choreographed by sophomore Brea McCabe, the Orchesis show fulfilled the audience's expectations of being fun, captivating and entertaining.

"I'm so glad I joined Orchesis," said freshman Jamie Hartle. "I can't wait for the show next semester!"