Incidental Amusements

"Behind the Music" was an interesting TV show that dealt with the seedy underbelly of the venomous snake known as the music industry and the many woes that came from being rich and famous. But like NASCAR, people only watch for the horrible crashes that lead to musicians running around the track on emotional fire.

Most of these career lows have to do with getting hooked on drugs or finding Jesus or something and come to a head with an overdose or launching a talentless solo career. Though the show isn't really on much anymore, we here at Geneseo were invited to see a special episode unfold right in front of us.

After literally years of mediocrity, which is a lot in today's music biz, Gym Class Heroes has hit rock-bottom by not being able to pull in more than 100 people to their Geneseo concert. The tickets, which costed some amount of money (how should I know how much, I certainly didn't buy one) are now free for Geneseo students due to complete lack of demand.

This is Geneseo we're talking about. Geneseo students love spending money on poorly-conceived crap, case in point the Twilight premiere. I didn't attend that either because I have testicles and a reading level above the fifth grade, but the point remains that our taste is questionable.

So how terrible a band do you need to be not to be able to draw in Geneseo students who literally have nothing else to do? We are in the middle of nowhere; a more captive audience there isn't. Hell, the only other option they have is to hogtie us, which wouldn't do much except increase their sex appeal.

I foresee heads rolling on Activities Commission. With the amount of money we're now losing on this concert, it makes you wonder what the decision-making process was in booking them. Were they flipping through a 2007 issue of People and pointing at random bands?

If they wanted to get a performer no one wanted to see, I could have just broken out my clavichord and rocked that gym all night long (well, until about 10 p.m. Even I would have plans during my own concert). Half the price, same amount of talent, double the clavichord.