Guests granted wireless access

This past summer, Geneseo initiated a system allowing visitors to access a restricted wireless network that requires the submission of an e-mail address to sign into an unencrypted "Geneseo Guest" account.

On the restricted networks, guests are able to access the Internet, but not portals such as myGeneseo or the calendar system.

"We have a bunch of different people who come on campus for a bunch of different reasons," said Sue Chichester, director of Computing and Information Technology. "A guest that is going to present a lecture who wants to use Web content … [will need] an account. There was a lot of work going into it to create accounts and then get rid of it when they are done."

Other potential users include visiting parents who want to work while attending their child's orientation, as well as those coming to campus for events. Contractors on campus may also require Internet access.

"This was a way to be able to get [users] what they needed and not provide other things for them such as databases and our printers," Chichester said.

Instating expanded access was not difficult technically, though CIT staff did spend a fair amount of time deciding which features guests could have access to. Some college campuses provide full access for visitors, while others prohibit guest use entirely.

"We want you to use the secure wireless network and the reason for that is it is the only network that is encrypted," said Enrico Coloccia, network manager of CIT. "Wireless communication in its simplest form is not encrypted and that is not safe … we offer an encrypted alternative called 'Secure.'"

Most students use the unencrypted Geneseo network. Students wishing to gain access to a more secure network can look under "Geneseo Networks" on the CIT Self-Help Wiki page and click "Encrypted Wireless Network."