Greek Corner: Philanthropic activities benefit community

The presence of Greek organizations can be felt everywhere on campus, from the lettered clothing we see students wear in class, to the painted tree that stands in Sturges Quad.

The Greek organizations at Geneseo, however, have a much more serious impact on our community than most students see.

Our college's fraternities and sororities perform a multitude of different philanthropic acts each semester to help the community. In spring 2009, Inter-Greek Council organizations logged 8,836 hours of community service at different organizations, including Camp Good Days, the Teresa House and Foodlink. The Greeks also raised $20,615 that was sent to 57 different charitable organizations.

Greek organizations spent a good deal of time fundraising on campus for these charities. In fact, there were 14 individual events sponsored on campus to raise money for the various organizations.

One of the more well-known events was the Mr. Geneseo competition sponsored by Sigma Delta Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon and Sigma Kappa. Ticket sales raised money for their individual charities, and the audience was able to watch contestants use their talents and sense of humor to compete for the Mr. Geneseo title.

Another prominent fundraiser is the Deep Freeze, sponsored by Alpha Chi Rho - more commonly known as Crows - where members collected donations for the American Cancer Society in Sturges Quad while battling freezing temperatures for several nights.

Greeks also showed their dedication to the community at this semester's Day of Caring, an open volunteer event day throughout Livingston and Monroe counties. Out of 120 students who participated, 100 belonged to Greek organizations. Fifteen of the 19 organizations that volunteered were also Greek.

Senior Daniel Bach, director of public relations for the Inter-Greek Council and a member of the Sigma Nu Chi fraternity, said that he "was fortunate to find a brotherhood that very few activities other than Greek life can offer."

"By recognizing the service and positive contributions that are made by the Greek community we can better see the mosaic of diverse individuals that is Geneseo," Bach added.