Concert benefit for MS showcases talent, raises awareness

Last Friday, Geneseo students banded together to help cure multiple sclerosis, as nine student bands and an enthusiastic crowd converged in the College Union ballroom.

The Men of Action and Change brothers organized the benefit concert to raise money for multiple sclerosis research and to increase awareness of the disease.

According to its Web site, MAC works toward "the social, cultural and intellectual improvement of its members, the Geneseo campus and the Geneseo community." Senior Scott Snowden, a MAC brother, headed the event.

The event had a personal tone for Snowden, whose mother suffers from multiple sclerosis. Audience members were asked to donate whatever they could, as all funds went toward finding a cure for the disease. Before he introduced the first band, Snowden said he was "grateful and excited" for those involved and "looking forward to a great night."

Nine volunteer student bands took the stage to draw support for the cause. The variety of performances was clear within the first two acts, which were White Cliff Drive, a ska band, and Joe Pelton, a solo acoustic guitarist. Junior Maeghan Dineen, president of the Student Music Association, said she was "extremely pleased with the variety of acts," as well as the event's attendance and crowd's enthusiasm.

Between acts, Snowden spoke briefly about multiple sclerosis, describing how the disease affects nerves that control body movement. Snowden also told the audience that his mother's condition is worsening from the disease. "This is really for her," he said to the crowd.

Audience size fluctuated throughout the event, but those in attendance said that they enjoyed themselves. "The music's definitely been really good," said sophomore Toby Ring.

According to Snowden, nearly $300 was raised for the cause. "I was very proud," he said, "and my mother was very proud as well."