In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it, the entire Geneseo campus is somehow affected by "the Swine." Every day, I hear people in my classes hacking and coughing and blowing their noses, perpetuating the cornucopia of germs floating around in the air.

On my floor, almost every person has been in varying states of sick since the semester started. It's become rare to find a person that can actually breathe through their nose or make it to all of their classes in a week.

Of course I've been taking the necessary precautions to prevent the evil germs from inhabiting my body: washing my hands, keeping hydrated, not opening doorknobs with my mouth. All these efforts seem to be in vain, however, because it seems as if my immune system is doing all the work for me.

While it may be foolish of me to put this in print, I honestly feel that my immune system has prematurely evolved to combat this heinous illness. Even in the past, I've never gotten flu shots. I just left it up to my body to protect my fragile frame.

I would be lying if I said I've never been sick before. Of course I've been sick. I've had the same 24-hour bugs that everyone has had. I've suffered the sniffles during the winter months, and I've been plagued with allergies my whole life that cause discomfort.

However, with the aid of drugstore medication and antihistamines I've been able to get over whatever was ailing me fairly quickly and go along on my merry way. I never, in my conscious adult life, had to suffer The Flu.

I'm relatively worried about contracting the Swine, but I have enough faith in my body to live my life with ease. I'm sure moments after I finish writing this, I'll start getting achy and I'll inexplicably get the chills, but for now I'll just go on living my life.