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From "Reform health care, already," by Jesse Goldberg:

"So much of this 'reform' could take place without huge blaoted [sic] bills. The real intent of this healthcare reform is to take control over peoples [sic] lives. If this passes, everything from what we eat to where we go will be 'related' to health care and regulated."-"Boomhaur"

From "Taimur Talks: Birthers go home!" by Taimur Gibson:

"Yes, the Constitution does say that one must be a natural born citizen to be President. However, anyone who is born in the United States is a natural born citizen, so it's essentially the same thing. Parental citizenship doesn't matter.Using this logic, anyone on vacation in the US who happens to give birth, gives birth to a US citizen. Does that seem logical? If my wife and I travel to Mexico and she gives birth to a child of ours (and we are both US citizens) is my child automatically a Mexican citizen?"-"mitch"

From "Dishonorable registration practices" by Sarah Cantatore:

"This was terrific; thank you. I was quite bothered by that when I heard about it; seniors deserve the chance to take gym classes and get into the most popular classes, and imo [sic], this was really unjust to them. I hope the policy does not continue."-"Elena"

From "Dean's schedule iniataves run into faculty resistance" by Kevin Muller

"The schedule does not needs to be overhauled like this. First, some classes don't work out three days a week. Second, I believe that professors have every right to schedule their classes based on what is convenient for them - they have families and lives, too. There are always going to be classes that overlap and expecting professors to completely change their schedule they've been using for years is unreasonable."-"Ra"

From: "Afghanistan's elections: illegitimate and deadly" by Alex Berberich:

"Excellent article and use of the word quagmire"- "audrey"

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