Staff Editorial: With winning teams, why aren't we watching?

Sports at Geneseo - What is there to say, right?We certainly don't have Syracuse's basketball program or Penn State's football team. Our varsity teams are Division III and we all know Geneseo is held in esteem for our academics, not athletics.

Yet both our men's and women's cross-country teams claimed SUNYAC championships, our soccer teams won their first games of the conference playoffs and the formidable Blue Wave has returned with a bang, carrying last year's remarkable season with them.

The Ice Knights have played tight against the top two teams in the country and defeated Potsdam last Saturday, 3-2. In club sports, women's rugby won the state championship and will play in the regional tournament.Flip to The Lamron's sports section and beam with pride. We are overachievers. Geneseo students don't half-ass anything.

We even possess the uncanny ability to gather together (think about it - Humans versus Zombies?) but for some reason, the stands and bleachers at sporting events are relatively empty. In the background of the video of 2009-graduate Scott Morton's "SportsCenter"-worthy, reverberating buzzer-shot, there is an excess of unfilled seats.

Although watching sporting events may not be for everyone, it can and should be a source of pride and unity for us as a university.This year's batch of students has indubitably suffered a loss when it comes to the college experience.

But while open frat parties cease to exist, we can still look to wholesome activities to keep us entertained - namely sports, a tradition as old as any other staple at a college institution.So, the cross-country regional conference will be held in Geneseo on Nov. 14.

On the same day, the equestrian team will host a horse show in Pittsford.The hockey home opener is this weekend and we are on the cusp of basketball season. Both teams have excelled very recently, not to mention the pep band is fantastic and we have a national award-winning cheerleading squad.

Plus, we're getting a fancy new stadium in the foreseeable future. So why not make a preemptive step toward filling those seats? Let's turn things around this year by coming out and supporting our teams. It can only result in a good time and furnish a sense of pride for Geneseo.