MTC showcases Geneseo's performing talent

Despite a new location and time, the entirely student-run and directed Musical Theater Club revue impressed and entertained for yet another year.

"MTC: The Twilight Zone" opened with a parody of "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas, re-titled "This is MTC." Later, MTC's multitude of extremely talented "new kids" performed a lively "Learn to Do It" from Anastasia.

One of the most moving pieces in the first act was "Light," in which several singers moved around a dark stage with only flashlights to illuminate their faces. Later, the lights turned outward to dance around the audience and the stage with dazzling effect.

"Light" was followed by three hilarious, standout performances, starting with a Geneseo-based "They Both Reached for the Gun" from Chicago. The choreography was sharp, the vocals were strong and the costumes were fantastic.

Afterward, a smaller, seemingly acid-tripping group in costumes driving a cardboard submarine performed a short, yet hysterical, version of "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles.

The boys of MTC showcased their masculinity by singing a manned-up version of "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. With hilarious lyrics like "For I'm loved like a manly, masculine guy!" and a multitude of strong and well-blended male voices, "I Feel Manly" was one of the best numbers of the night, easily demonstrating that the men of MTC are, well, manly.

Next up was an all-female power ballad called "Shine Like the Sun" that closed Act I with a punch of vivid energy and attitude, though some of the singing didn't quite carry to the audience.

Act II opened impressively with a skillfully danced group number to the song "Shake a Tail Feather" by the Blues Brothers. The singing was strong and the many dancers made staying in time with each other look effortless.

Highlights in the rest of Act II included "Breeze Off the River" and "I Am the One," both romantic pieces that featured strong male voices and outstanding female dancers. A number from Shrek: The Musical called "Freak Flag" featured vivid, hilarious costumes, while "Life Outside Your Apartment" from Avenue Q was adapted to "Life Outside of your Dorm Room."

"Holding Out for a Hero" showcased the incredible vocal talent of the MTC women. Numerous tap interludes as well as tap dances to "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King and "Good Mornin'" from Singin' in the Rain displayed amazing technical expertise.

The theme of a twilight zone was featured in several skits, which incorporated a random alien, a few very startled time travelers and a robotic tap dancer. One skit spoofed a dating game show with hilarious character acting.

"MTC: The Twilight Zone" closed on a high note with an energetic song-and-dance number to "Nothin' But a Good Time" from the musical Rock of Ages.

As usual, MTC was nothing if not a good time. With fantastic singing, impressive footwork and brilliant student direction, MTC's fall revue continued to show just how much talent Geneseo has.